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When Weezer debuted in 1994 with Weezer, aka The Blue Album, the band had more in common with Kiss than any then-contemporary emo bands. Yet in the intervening years Weezer’s become an emo reference point for many folks, largely because The Blue Album and Pinkerton have had an immeasurable influence on lovelorn punks who have since picked up guitars. Take the five guys in Orlando outfit You Blew It! On their excellent 2013 sophomore album, Keep Doing What You’re Doing, they rolled out plenty of power-pop hooks indebted to Weezer.

Now You Blew It! are about to take their Weezer admiration further as they ready a Blue Album tribute EP called, um, You Blue It. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is their cover of “Surf Wax America,” and these guys make the track float with a gently cycling guitar. Take a listen below and grab the EP next month through Topshelf.