Shit Pig b/w Unborn Oppressor
  • “Shit Pig” b/w “Unborn Oppressor”

If you’ve talked to anyone about what’s happening in the Chicago rock underground right now, they’ve surely mentioned Zath. A supergroup of sorts, it brings together bassist Dan Browning (from neo-Krautrockers Cave), drummer-vocalist Seth Sher (of proggy acts Ga’an and Psychic Steel), and guitarist-vocalist Zack Weil (of noisy sludge band Cacaw), and since forming in 2010 it’s been kicking around town during gaps in its various members’ touring schedules. Considering Zath’s pedigree, you might expect something a little artsier than what you get: evil, thrashy, balls-to-the-wall Master of Puppets worship. Last month Captcha Records finally released their first recorded output, the seven-inch “Shit Pig” b/w “Unborn Oppressor” (the latter of which is today’s 12 O’Clock Track). There are no frills here: this is simple, mean thrash, executed with surgical precision. The lo-fi sound of the EP, recorded by Browning’s Cave bandmate Cooper Crain, adds to the Megadeth-tape-in-a-boombox-in-a-garage vibe—the full-length Zath is finishing with the master of all things heavy, Sanford Parker, promises a pretty stark contrast in fidelity.