Zeke adheres to a very specific principle: sometimes it needs to be dumb and fast. A great deal of the Seattle band’s catalog of hardcore punk—infused with a heavy dose of rock ‘n’ roll sleaze, ala the Dwarves—consists of two-part scorchers that might clock in at more than one minute, but rarely two. Front man Blind Marky Felchtone is a frenetic guitarist, hammering through flaming solo after flaming solo as drummer Donny Paycheck (there’s just something beautiful about corny band nicknames) keeps the beat simple but urgent. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “Let’s Get Drugs,” is the opener from Zeke’s 2000 album Dirty Sanchez, which, despite being one of the band’s weaker efforts, still has a track called “Let’s Get Drugs.” It’s 53 seconds long and consists mostly of the chorus: “Let’s get drugs / Let’s get drugs / Let’s get drugs / Let’s get loaded!”