squirrel burgoo

I’ve already gone on about the new restaurants I thought put together the total package this year. But as in 2011, there were a bunch of additional bites that made 2012 a great year for eating in the city.

In roughly chronological order:

(1) tan tan-men, (2) duck-fat chicken karaage, (3) house-made tofu, (4) coconut quail-egg shooter, (5) sea-salt ice cream, all from Slurping Turtle
(6) Effy’s seared mortadella, (7) rock shrimp polpette, (8) charred carrots, from Bar Toma
(9) spiced beluga lentils (with quail), Goosefoot
(10) grits (with duck breast), (11) smoked octopus, Three Floyd’s Brewpub

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