After you read the three featured reviews in this week’s Food & Drink don’t skip over the listings, where we have 11 other brand-new ones.

I took a generally cranky view of Bbop Lounge, Thai Urban Kitchen, Mythos, Spertus Cafe, and the Korean fried chicken chain Cheogajip. David Hammond weighed in on Connoisseur, Kudo Sushi, and the cartoonishly giant margaritas at the Rusty Armadillo. Chicagoland’s Whet Moser took one for the team at Hyde Park’s Chant. Restaurants editor Kate Schmidt felt like a Von Trapp at the Rogers Park Uncommon Ground, and Food Chain calendetrix Julia Thiel loved her waiter at Violet.

It’s still too soon to say much about Risque Cafe, Rustik, Takashi, Crisp, Smokeshack, Con Sabor Cuba, or Tony Hu’s double Laos (Beijing and Shanghai). We’ll deal with those next month.