If you’ve ever thought of an Episcopal church service as a monster truck rally, you don’t need to listen to this. It’s a real radio commercial that hasn’t yet been aired and may not be. Backstory here. (Hat tip to Jonathan V. Last of Galley Slaves.)

Meanwhile, Jesse Walker at Reason’s Hit & Run is fed up with last weekend’s extended episode of de mortuis nil nisi bonum. Under the headline, “I’m Gonna Go Out On a Limb and Say They Shouldn’t Have Executed Gerald Ford,” he writes: “When a president dies, it’s now apparently obligatory to praise his term in office. If America elected a leader who went mad his first week on the job, ordered an invasion of Wisconsin, raped a Brownie Scout at a White House photo op, and shot three cops when they came to cart him away, he could rot unloved in a straightjacket for 20 years only to be ‘reevaluated’ on his death as an important historical figure who united the country at a difficult time and was a prescient critic of the Badger Menace.”