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I see that there is no review in the Reader‘s voluminous archives of Dinesh D’Souza’s recent documentary, 2016: Obama’s America. This should either be taken as evidence of the liberal media conspiracy’s disdain for Dinesh D’Souza’s First Amendment right to have his shitty movie reviewed far and wide, or, more positively, as affirmation of the fact that our film writers have better taste (though, maybe, weaker stomachs) than people like (say for example) me. Spying the film at the RedBox the other night, I thought to myself, Well, D’Souza’s having a lousy week, what with all his confusion over whether he’s married or not; might as well kick $1.30 his way. Not long after, I was sitting down in front of this surprisingly stylish documentary, in which D’Souza, as narrator and protagonist, advances his theory that Barack Obama’s life constitutes a kind of Manchurian Candidate-like quest to avenge his Kenyan anticolonialist father, a project he initiated when he returned a bust of Winston Churchill to the British. Obama was pissed ’cause Churchill was a colonialist.

Not that you care, but a) the bust was actually on loan from the British, not a U.S. government possession, and b) really it was just moved to another room in the White House.