Nkem Owoh is a popular Nigerian actor and musician who’s starred in, among other films, a movie about 419 scammers called The Master. This is the video for its theme song, “I Go Chop Your Dollar”:

The sound’s a little lossy, but the lyrics are all about scamming white people for their cash in a 419: “You are the big fool / I am the master / My dear white friend / I will eat your dollar / I will take your money and disappear / 419 is just a game / You are the loser, I am the winner.”* It looks like “I Go Chop Your Dollar” was some real talk—a couple of weeks ago Owoh got nabbed in Amsterdam in a roundup of suspected 419 scammers.

I guess dude doesn’t have any American gangsta rapper friends, or else he’d know that you should only rap about made-up crimes.

Via the Consumerist, who has recently been a better source of music stories than a super-anal saving money blog should ever be.

* (Although for a sort of inspired mundanity I actually prefer, ” The refinery is mine / I will award you the contract / Just give me some money for paperwork / You are the big fool / I am the master / It’s I that’s the master!”)