I don’t even know how to decide if it’s an extremely brilliant or wildly stupid idea, but I have to respect the insanity of video-game developer Swordfish Studios’ decision to follow up the critically unpopular but popularly popular shoot-em-up 50 Cent: Bulletproof with a sequel, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, wherein the sketchy actions of a concert promoter in a fictional Middle Eastern country escalate into Fiddy and his weed carriers going to war with some sort of criminal paramilitary organization. Over a diamond-encrusted skull. Though unfortunately not Damien Hirst’s (pictured). And you have the option of playing as Lloyd Banks.

Those who have moral qualms about shooting up Arab types in a bombed-out, extremely Iraq-looking fake country, don’t worry–the game’s written by “one of the few Muslim writers in Hollywood,” according to producer Aaron Blean. So it’s gonna be all politically correct, right? Possibly not: “Basically, 50 takes over a helicopter via a gun to the pilot’s head and 50’s manning a turret, raining death from above into this forsaken, war-torn area. It looks fantastic.”