• Jordan Schwartz
  • D. Boon of the Minutemen

Last year I fully intended to write about the recent coffee table book We Got Power! Hardcore Punk Scenes From 1980s Southern California (Bazillion Points). The lavish four-pound, 12-by-nine-inch, 304-page hardcover book included reprints of the mere six cut-and-pasted issues of the titular LA zine (the last of which was partially laid out, but never actually printed), along with a cornucopia of great photos shot mainly by Jordan Schwartz—the teenager who, along with Dave Markey, by Jordan Schwartz and Dave Markey, the teenagers who published We Got Power! Alas, time was short I never got around to doing it. But a book like this doesn’t lose its freshness or value quickly, and with upcoming visits to Chicago by much older, reconstituted versions of some of the book’s key subjects—Redd Kross and Black Flag—the tome seems more timely now that it did four months ago.