In an event uniquely suited to Free Shit, local gardener, artist, landscape designer, and food activist Nance Klehm presents “Humble Pile,” an overview of her months-long nutrient looping experiment, tonight from 7 to 9 at Mess Hall in Rogers Park. Nutrient looping means composting one’s urine and feces with a dry toilet (in Klehm’s case, basically a bucket and some sawdust), as opposed to flushing it, which not only wastes the nutrients in your waste but gallons of water to boot. Since May, Klehm has collected about 800 gallons of grade-A Chicago “humanure” from friends as well as strangers that, after a year, will transform into rich, fertile soil. Some of the compost will go back to its producers, and the rest Klehm is using to turn a south-side brownfield site into a garden. She will discuss the project, demonstrate how to put poop to work in your garden, and even review the history of plumbing from Rome up to the present day. Attendees are encouraged to bring pie–the eating kind.