• Milk & Cookies

Earlier in the year I wrote about the Ungnomes, probably the best high school band in the world. The members of the rude-as-hell punk-rock four-piece, which includes Jon Langford’s son Jimmy on lead vocals, weren’t even of driving age when they released their genius debut collection of recordings, Grape Drink, one year ago, and they’re back now, one year older and one year wiser, with a new set of tracks. The three new songs come on a Christmas-themed EP called Milk & Cookies. The EP opens with a pretty violin rendition of “Silent Night” before blasting into two high-speed hardcore-punk bangers. These songs are the band’s best yet, atonal and pissed-off, sounding like something straight out of Washington, D.C., in 1983. And if you’re wondering what makes these tracks Christmassy, the only sign I can find is that both have a set of sleigh bells ringing high in the mix. Hilarious and totally smart-assed, just the way all the best punk bands should be.

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