• Toupee

Creepy local postpunk band Toupee have released their first music video this week, a gross clip for the song “Mommy is a Mummy,” off of July’s upcoming Leg Toucher LP. “Mommy Is a Mummy,” today’s 12 O’Clock Track, is a chaotic, dark blast of eerie, bizarre punk that features the theatrical, twisted vocals of Whitney Allen, who contorts her voice into monstrous growls and desperate wails through the blur or reckless drums and harsh guitars. The music video, directed by Michael Silberman, provides the perfect visual component to this song—Allen is trapped in an abandoned cement room, being tormented by disembodied hands before she cries blood and peels her face off. I wouldn’t expect anything less disturbing from the creepiest band in town. Check out the video below.