Credit: Courtesy Jacob Thomas

Donald Trump is full of shit.

At least that’s how the Republican front-runner is depicted in one of Jacob Thomas’s latest works. The Chicago artist painted a portrait of Trump on a toilet in such a way that the the bowl is the GOP candidate’s mouth, inside of which sits an anthropomorphized dollop of poop that has the Donald’s distinctive puckered lips.  

Such is the cheeky tone of “We’re Fired!,” Thomas’s first solo show in Chicago. Opening Friday, April 1, at Degenerate Art Gallery in Edgewater, the exhibit includes 20-plus works by the street artist and illustrator, who reimagines figures from popular culture with Trump’s unmistakable facial features.

In addition to Bat Trump, (inspired by Trump’s “I am Batman” quip), there’s Trump as Richie Rich, Mao Zedong, Monopoly’s Rich Uncle Pennybags, and (inevitably) Forrest Trump. 

Is this opportunism masquerading as pop art? Maybe. But it’s way better than Ted Cruz “the Liberator.”

Credit: Courtesy Jacob Thomas

“We’re Fired!” Opening reception Friday April 1, 7-10 PM. Through 4/24, Degenerate Art Gallery, 5407 N. Clark,