Kaitlin Johnson and Daniel Dranove, creators of Weapons of Mass Seduction

Pegged as the adult card game in which people play a sex-themed variation of “Would you rather?”, Weapons of Mass Seduction picks up where most couples’ games leave off: riding crops, Trader Joe’s, and Orthodox Judaism. Players win points by guessing which sexual act their opponent prefers—ranging from raunchy to ridiculous—with cards like: “Whip opponent with riding crop,” “Apply Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter to your body for opponent to lick off,” or “Opponent does taxes, budgeting, or fiscal forecasting while topless with a little calculator and glasses.” 

Weapons of Mass Seduction comes from the dirty minds of Cards Against Humanity cocreator Daniel Dranove and his longtime girlfriend, Kaitlin Johnson. Dranove and Johnson initially created WMS in 2013 as a private Valentine’s Day gift for each other. “We put together WMS after looking at other sex games,” Dranove says. “Nothing appealed, and we felt this stigma—either we felt uncomfortable with the language, or they read like romance novels.”

They got enough positive feedback from friends that they decided to take the game public—launching a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign today to raise $17,000 to help fund distribution (like Cards Against Humanity, a print-and-play version of the game is now available online). All backers are promised a copy of the game, the That’s So Gay expansion pack, and a small stash of Uberlube, a Chicago-produced personal lubricant. “There will be massive quantities of lube available,” Johnson says.

The couple also crowdsourced most of the ideas behind WMS’s 200 different cards—some of them from a Tinder profile. “I’d post things like ‘swipe left if you like spanking’ or ‘orgasm denial’ or ‘have had fellatio while operating motor vehicle,’ and then I’d measure out how many folks responded,” Johnson says. “While some actions or experiences earned only a few swipe-lefts, many of them hit between 40 and 50.”

Tinder helped the couple realize what other people liked, laying the foundation for new cards and allowing them to visualize the data; Johnson shared graphs based on the research on Reddit and found that others were eager to get in on the dirty talk.

When she discussed WMS with her Orthodox Jewish friends, however, Johnson realized that many of the cards weren’t kosher. “There are a lot of rules that cover sexuality,” she said. “For example, women can masturbate but men can’t.” In response, the couple marked all kosher cards with the familiar “K.” 

“We also had some really interesting conversations at cons,” Dranove explains. While showing WMS at New York Comic Con, Dranove and Johnson met a BDSM couple who expressed their excitement for the game.

“She was wearing a collar and he was holding her leash,” Dranove says. “They went on to tell us about an orgy they just attended that involved swords.” Because Dranove and Johnson encountered so many voices from the BDSM community, the first planned WMS expansion pack will be themed accordingly.

“What surprised me the most in all of this is how common all of these kinks actually are,” Johnson said. Their experience creating the game ultimately made the couple rethink what “weird” actually means in terms of sexuality. They hope WMS will also change players’ conversations about sexual experiences and desire.

“We really want to get people talking. Daniel and I wanted to develop something that everyone could enjoy.”