• Skrillex aflame

Hopefully by this point you are at least close to fully engaged with your day. Ungroggy. Sufficiently caffeinated. Maybe somewhat in or near the zone.

But it’s entirely possible that you aren’t all the way there yet, which would be perfectly understandable. Today’s kind of just a regular old Thursday in January, which after the frantic pace of the holidays (and the couple of weeks of socially accepted goldbricking that follows it) can seem even less exciting than a typical almost-end-of-the-week.

In that case I suggest hitting the jump to check out two videos that I think might help you get there, wherever the there is you need to go. One is a remix from 1996 of Aaliyah’s “If Your Girl Only Knew,” based around a sample of Portishead’s “Numb” and featuring a guest verse by Missy “Still Not Giving Us That Comeback She Promised” Elliott that bumps nicely even if you’re not a big 90s nostalgic type. The other video is of Skrillex accidentally lighting his hair on fire. Thursday just got a whole lot more inspiring.