On this week’s List I recommend a local act called Algebro, and in the process of commenting on that cramazing band name I recommend that “you won’t miss much, for example, if you avoid every group whose name includes the word ‘funk.'” Obviously there are two widely recognized exceptions to this rule, leaving aside local ghetto-house legend DJ Funk: Grand Funk Railroad and Trouble Funk.

If you think I’m kidding about the frequently shirtless Michigan classic rockers, check out their contributions to Julian Cope’s excellent new compilation, Detroitrocksampler, and read its deep track notes (you can do both here). There’s a good chance this comp might change your entire opinion of Bob Seger as well.

As for Trouble Funk, if that wasn’t the first exception to the “no ‘funk’ in band names” rule to come to your mind, click through to see them rock cowbells harder than anyone else ever: