• Zombelle and Ultrademon

As befits a phenomenon with Twitter and Tumblr woven so deeply into its DNA, seapunk has provoked a decent amount of online chatter since my article on the Internet-buzzy microgenre came out yesterday. My editors are always thrilled when we publish something that draws extra traffic, of course, but SEO baiting was far from my primary inspiration in pursuing the story. I find the sort of spontaneous community building that seapunk embodies not only fascinating but also genuinely inspiring. (It’s like seeing Hakim Bey’s Temporary Autonomous Zone come to life, except without a bunch of tedious, quasi-intellectual Burning Man stereotypes involved.) I also have a predisposition toward ravey shit and I’m a professional Internet junkie, so there’s that too.

Over the course of working on this story I hung out with Albert “Ultrademon/Fire for Effect” Redwine and Shan “Zombelle” Beaste both online and off, including dancing at a seapunk party at Berlin and exchanging a lot of Twitter DMs and @’s. I also interviewed them over a meal at the Chicago Diner. The transcript is after the jump.