Not a member of the defense team...
  • Jack Mitchell
  • Not a member of the defense team.

Musings while reading the morning papers . . .

The more I read about Drew Peterson and his lawyers, the more questions I have.

Joel Brodsky, Peterson’s lead attorney when Peterson was convicted last summer of murdering his third wife (as distinct from his fourth wife), is again Peterson’s chief hope of staying out of prison. But no longer because of his legal acumen. Peterson’s current lawyers are now arguing in court that Brodsky’s defense was so incompetent the guilty verdict should be overturned. The lawyer leading this charge is Steve Greenberg, who once upon a time was Brodsky’s cocounsel. Peterson fired Greenberg after the trial and then rehired him to go after Brodsky, who resigned under fire.

Greenberg called Brodsky to the stand Tuesday. Brodsky testified that an online defense fund created by Peterson netted 11 cents, which strikes me as an accurate gauge of public sentiment. More money came in, said Brodsky, from media sniffing an opportunity: $10,000 in licensing fees from ABC; $5,900 from a publisher for a book Peterson would put his name to; $15,000 from a TV studio for film-licensing rights.