"If I own a beautiful pair of shoes, why shouldn't I wear them to the parent-teacher night?" asks Terri Franklin. Credit: Isa Giallorenzo

Street View is a fashion series in which Isa Giallorenzo spotlights some of the coolest styles seen in Chicago.

“Why do we need permission to get dressed up?” asks real estate broker and mother of three Terri Franklin. “Sometimes after women hit a certain age they start to melt into this submission of ‘I don’t need to get dressed up anymore.’ Moms who used to feel conscious about their style just seem to play everything down. If I own a beautiful pair of shoes, why shouldn’t I wear them to the parent-teacher night? Don’t hesitate to wear something you love.”

Following her own advice, Franklin put her best heels forward while guiding high school students as a volunteer docent at the Art Institute. In keeping with her aesthetic, which she calls “classic with a twist,” she complemented the neutral pieces of her outfit with a pair of statement pleated pants and a confident stride. “For me it’s just important to be yourself and be comfortable. I’m all about a natural presence.”  v