My friend Ben, an intern pastor at a south-side church, did a “crash Holy week,” nine liturgies at seven churches throughout Chicago, and caught Rev. Otis Moss III’s sermon on Jeremiah Wright at Trinity United Church of Christ–which, like Obama’s speech, used Faulkner as a touchstone. Do read his post, it’s remarkable. For more on Moss, here‘s a brief talk by him on TUCC. The young Rev. Moss was born to be in the pulpit–his father, Rev. Otis Moss Jr., was a co-pastor with Martin Luther King, Sr.; here‘s an interview with him.

Correction: People seem to think I am in agreement with Rev. Wright about damning America. I thought he meant “God damn [the men who wrote ‘Horse With No Name’].” So of course I thought “who doesn’t hate America? That song is awful, and so is ‘Lonely People.'” I apologize for any confusion.