I’m now a couple of days into the CMJ Music Marathon, which is basically an endurance challenge crossed with a test of your scheduling skills and knowledge of NYC geography, so I’m perhaps not operating at peak mental capacity, but I had the thought a few minutes ago during my first viewing of the video for “The Boys,” Cassie’s new single with Nicki Minaj, that Nicki Minaj videos might be the most perfect form of entertainment yet devised. Obviously this theory is going to need some fleshing out, but I think there’s something to it—watching Nicki videos is like running a direct line of intense stimulation straight into the part of the brain that responds to boobs, butts, bright colors, rapping, and crazy outfits, which neuroscientists commonly refer to as the “fun zone.”

While I continue the important work of completing this theory, you are encouraged to check out Peter Margasak’s new feature on Chicagoan Caroline Davis, who after almost 20 years of playing the saxophone has finally made the leap from academia into a full-time career as, in Peter’s words, “one of the city’s strongest and most exciting jazz saxophonists.” The latest In Rotation collects recommendations from Reader music editor Philip Montoro, Lovely Little Girls bassist Alex Perkolup, and Arriver guitarist Dan Sullivan. Gossip Wolf has the lowdown on the latest edition of the White/Light-curated Face the Strange experimental-music series at the MCA. This week’s Secret History of Chicago Music profiles reunited radio-friendly rockers M & R Rush. And on Soundboard we recommend upcoming shows by Converge, Sic Alps, Crime & the City Solution, Waka Flocka Flame, Sleeping Bag, and more.

If you need me I’ll be spending the rest of the afternoon watching “Stupid Hoe” for research purposes.