Generally stylists advise against buying cheap shoes (they can be uncomfortable, good shoes can bring up the look of an otherwise inexpensive outfit, etc), but in the case of Jimmy Choo for H&M we might have to make an exception. Especially since regular Jimmy Choos, which start at around four or five hundred dollars, are out of reach for many of us.

One of the reasons good shoes tend to be expensive is because of the demands our bodies put on them. Think about it–this is a piece of clothing that has to support your weight and hit the ground with thousands of pounds of pressure day after day. That’s some complex engineering right there. Add in high-quality leather and the cost of design and craftsmanship, and suddenly even a hundred dollars doesn’t seem so unreasonable. 

It’ll be interesting to see how the company balances its reputation for craft with H&M’s price-conscious business model. 

The collection, which includes handbags and women’s clothing, will hit stores in November.