I’m buddies with Josh Young from Flosstradamus both in IRL and on AIM, and sometimes if I’m logged in late at night, a file-transfer window will open up with an MP3 from him. Sometimes it’s a track he’s come across that he thinks is hot and sometimes it’s one of his own works in progress. It was an AIM chat with Josh that first put me on footwork music a few years back, so a few weeks ago, when he sent me a rough early version of a track called “Luuk Out Gurl” that’s rooted heavily in the footwork sound, it felt like a particular circle being closed.

The completed version of the song has a beat that combines a number of footwork’s signature tropes—hyperspeed drum programming, a trance-inducing sample loop, abrupt up-and-down pitch shifts—with a sonic palette that leans toward clean-lined old-school house. It’s topped with a vocal part from Kid Sister, who as you probably know is in fact Young’s older sibling. Flosstradamus and Kid Sister’s label Fool’s Gold posted the track on its blog today alongside an announcement that Floss’s first EP, entitled Jubilation, will be out “soon.” Young tells me that the EP will be available on vinyl as well as digitally and will feature remixes from producers he isn’t yet at liberty to name.

Hit the jump to stream and/or download “Luuk Out Gurl”: