You may want to argue that Barack Obama cannot possibly accomplish anything as president that will approach what he accomplished the night he was elected. You may argue instead that such monumental sentimentalizing blinded half the country to Obama’s limited credentials. If in the past year or so you were not involved in any such argument, on one side or the other, you’ve been living on Mars.

Books wait to be written on the massive subject of race and the 2008 presidential election. On Wednesday evening a forum sponsored by the Chicago Headline Club takes an early bite at the apple, focusing on the media’s conduct during the campaigns. WBBM-AM’s Craig Dellimore will moderate a panel consisting of Time‘s Steven Gray; associate professor Ava Greenwell of Medill; Donald Heider, dean of the Loyola School of Communication; and Don Wycliff, former editorial page editor and public editor of the Tribune. 

In addition, student journalists from Loyola whose project was to follow journalists covering the election will talk about what they observed.

Audiences at Headline Club forums are expected to have a lot to say. For $10 (waived if you’re a student or member), you can be a part of this one. The forum’s from 6 to 8, December 3, at Loyola’s Rubloff Auditorium, 25 E. Pearson. My hunch is that the more passionately the participants try to get to the bottom of their subject, the more clearly it will be seen to be bottomless.