Kevin wants Sam to get Catelyn Stark-ed
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  • Kevin wants Sam to get Catelyn Stark-ed.

Following the Game of Thrones finale, fellow fan Kevin Warwick and I got into the spirit of season three and killed off some more major players via Gchat. Also, we did not read the books, and, yes, there are spoilers below.

Gwynedd Stuart: So, we watched the finale. Which remaining characters/storylines are you most interested in?

Kevin Warwick: Anything happening at King’s Landing. The Tywin takeover at the small council was so intense.

G: Seeing Joffrey put in his place is very satisfying. Like, erotically so.

K: I LOVE Tywin! I want him to do my taxes. But that was a truly great scene and further indication that Joffrey doesn’t control shit.

G: I love Tywin because he was Sardo Numspa in The Golden Child.

K: That is the best reason to love him.

G: I think so.

K: Let’s have a moment with Shae. Take those diamonds, gurl.

G: She needs to do something. Besides follow Tyrion and Sansa around and glower all day.

K: I mean, she’s just biding her time until she gets killed.