Putting out a magazine aimed at girls 13-15 that gives them tips on dressing slutty, snagging men in their 20s, and generally living the life of a 70s Sunset Strip groupie seems, on its surface, like a bad idea, but if you scratch the surface you’ll see that it’s actually a terrible, terrible idea. That’s probably why Star magazine (not the gossip rag you’re familiar with) ran for only five issues before folding in the first half of 1973. Ryan Richardson (who, judging by his record want list, seems like something of an obsessive) managed to track down and buy an entire run of Star from a former staffer and is in the process of digitizing all the issues and putting them online.

Basically it’s a gold mine for anyone who loves pop-cultural detritus, 70s rock, or things that are so bizarre you have a hard time believing they actually existed. So far he’s only finished the first two issues, but there’s a lot there to blow your mind. The second issue is my favorite so far. The advice column runs a letter allegedly from a girl who’s worried about her 15-year-old sister sneaking out and dating guys old enough to go to jail for having sex with her, and the columnist actually scolds her for being a drag. It also has a hilariously racist article about the exotic “Black Foxy Lady” and the ploys that (presumably white) would-be groupies can use to hold their own against her. But pretty much every page is going to paint the walls with your brains.

(via the Twitter account of Nils Bernstein at Matador Records, via Hopper’s Twitter)