A Hijacking

  • A Hijacking

A Hijacking, which opens Friday at Music Box, deals with Somali pirates seizing a Danish shipping vessel in the Indian Ocean, and the ensuing ransom negotiation between the pirates and the shipping company. If that sounds familiar, you might be thinking of the documentary Stolen Seas, which screened at Facets Cinematheque in April and chronicles the 2008 hijacking of the CEC Future in the Gulf of Aden, which separates Somalia and Yemen. I must confess that I shied away from writing at length about A Hijacking because I thought one long review about Somali pirates was enough. But even if you happened to catch Stolen Seas, you should make a beeline for A Hijacking, because it’s the best thriller I’ve seen all year, and its spin on the subject matter is distinctive. In any case, Somali piracy isn’t going anywhere, so there’s more than enough opportunity for two screen treatments of it.