I never expected to hear anything about guitarist Jason Everman beyond what little the typical Nirvana bio contains–that he was briefly in Nirvana, that he’s credited on Bleach but didn’t actually play on it, and that he also played in Soundgarden for a while too. So it was kinda weird to be reading the new New Yorker over lunch and run across his name in Talk of the Town.

It was in a piece about a play that follows a group of Scottish soldiers in Iraq, and the theater has been asking patrons to buy tickets for vets. Everman, who’s quoted heavily in the story, was one of the beneficiaries–yes, he’s a vet now, having joined the army (he served in Iraq and Afghanistan) in order to, in his words, “develop the warrior aspect of my persona.” (To his credit, he apparently refrained from mentioning his brush with fame in the interview.) Everman is also studying philosophy at Columbia University, another part of his quest to develop “the Platonic ideal of the tripartite soul.”