• John Cage turns 100

In the latest Three Beats, I wrote about the upcoming A John Cage Festival organized and curated by composer Nomi Epstein (who also leads the terrific experimental-music collective Aperiodic) to celebrate the centennial of Cage’s birth. I interviewed her for the piece, but I thought her answers were interesting and illuminating enough to stand on their own—so below is the complete conversation. After the Three Beats piece was published, Epstein let me know that I’d used one quote out of context: when she says, “I think there is a misconception that a lot of this work is ‘easy’ to perform based on a glance at the score, but I believe it requires a real commitment,” she was referring to the Wandelweiser Group works that Aperiodic regularly tackles, not to Cage’s music. I apologize for the mistake. The interview begins after the jump.