And yet, Abraham Lincoln was in many ways the most deeply spiritual person ever to occupy the White House. In the same 1866 interview with William Herndon where Mary said that her husband “was not a technical Christian,” whatever that might mean, she also said that “he was a religious man always” who “had a Kind of Poetry in his Nature.”

Eric Zorn passes along a useful primer on Lincoln’s religious beliefs, which are kind of Deist, if in a more opaque way than was the case with Jefferson or a number of America’s other great political leaders.

Tangentially: if you describe yourself as “spiritual, not religious” on your Facebook profile, you may already be a Deist. I want to see more social networking and personals sites offering “Deist” as an option, this is a trend that needs to come back. Maybe I need to create a line of T-shirts: WWPMLD, or What Would Providence Make Lincoln Do?