Again courtesy of the management of the Sun-Times Media Group, I’ve been shown a second letter from the nonunion employees of a STMG daily to the paper’s Newspaper Guild members. This one’s from the Joliet Herald News and it carries 28 signatures.

As with the first letter, which originated at Indiana’s Post-Tribune, the the message comes down to this: don’t look a gift horse in the mouth even if it’s a godawful looking horse, because there’s nothing else to eat. “We the non-union employees and your fellow workers at the Herald News/Sun-Times News Group have seen our pay reduced substantially with no choice other than to resign. Most of us realized voluntarily leaving our jobs during this time would be financially unwise. We feel fortunate to be working at this time…

“In Jim Tyree we have someone willing to save our jobs. In time, with Mr. Tyree’s significant financial investment and our continued hard work the Sun-Times News Group should once again be profitable and hopefully employee compensation will improve. In the event compensation is not adequately restored, we will at the least have been afforded time to find suitable employment during better times.”

Here’s a link to the entire letter.

The Joliet guild members rejected Tyree’s terms by a vote of 14 to 1.