Off Color Brewing, the new project from John Laffler (formerly of Goose Island) and Dave Bleitner (formerly of Two Brothers), has been in the works (more or less) since 2009, and there have been several opportunities to taste its collaboration beers over the past few months. But Monday was the official release of their two year-round beers, and they celebrated by opening up their brewery to the public and pouring not only those beers, but a couple collaboration brews as well.

To be more precise, they didn’t exactly pour the beers. They put some kegs out, along with a bunch of plastic cups, and let people fend for themselves. Which seemed like a reasonable way to do things. The kegs were labeled, for the most part, though the fact that one keg of the Three Floyds/Off Color collaboration beer was labeled Thundersnow and the other Tonnerre Niege (French for “thundersnow”) may have caused a little confusion. And one label was just a drawing of a mouse with the words “Off Color”—but a look at the top of the keg revealed that it was Beer Geek Mus, a collaboration with Mikkeller.