Illinois senator and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Daniel Biss Credit: AP Photo/Seth Perlman file

Welcome to the Reader‘s morning briefing for Tuesday, November 28, 2017.

  • A lottery will determine whether Kennedy, Biss, or Pritzker’s name is first on the primary ballot

Democratic gubernatorial candidates J.B. Pritzker, Chris Kennedy, and Daniel Biss all filed their election paperwork at the earliest possible moment, Monday at 8 AM, in a bid to get the top spot on the March 2018 ballot. Since they all submitted at the same time, the Illinois State Board of Elections will have a lottery to determine whose name gets the coveted spot, according to the Tribune. Incumbent governor Bruce Rauner’s name will be first on the GOP primary ballot as his opponent, state representative Jeanne Ives, did not file her paperwork Monday. [Tribune]

  • Cook County Board president Preckwinkle vows to play hardball against challengers

Cook County Board president Toni Preckwinkle filed election paperwork with the Illinois State Board of Elections Monday and vowed to play hardball against challengers, who could include former board president Todd Stroger and former alderman Bob Fioretti, according to the Tribune. “I have a strong record and I’m going to run on it,” Preckwinkle said before filing petitions. Stroger and Fioretti have yet to file their paperwork. Preckwinkle is facing a backlash against the now repealed penny-per-ounce sweetened beverage tax. [Tribune]

  • Federal government plans review of the impact of the Obama Presidential Center on Jackson Park

The federal government is set to kick off reviews of how the Obama Presidential Center will affect Jackson Park Friday. The government will analyze how “park history, design legacy, cultural landscape, architectural, archaeological and ecological features and how things will look and mesh with the surrounding community,” according to the Sun-Times. It’s a required part of the process before construction on the highly anticipated center can begin. [Sun-Times]

  • Eight people killed, 36 others shot over Thanksgiving holiday weekend

It was an unusually violent Thanksgiving weekend, with 44 people shot, including eight fatal shootings from Wednesday afternoon through early Monday morning, according to the Tribune. That isn’t as violent as 2016, which saw 70 shootings over the holiday weekend, but is considerably more violent than 2015 (28 shootings) and 2014 (19 shootings). [Tribune]

  • Chicago’s richest resident compares bitcoin to Holland’s 17th-century tulip mania

Billionaire Citadel founder Ken Griffin does not recommend investing in bitcoin, comparing it to Holland’s tulip mania craze several centuries ago. “Is bitcoin a fraud? No,” Griffin, the richest resident of Chicago and Illinois, told CNBC Monday. “But these bubbles tend to end in tears, and I worry about how this bubble might end.” [Bloomberg]

  • Boka Restaurant Group opens its newest restaurant, Bellemore, in the West Loop

The Boka Restaurant Group opened its latest project, Bellemore, in the West Loop Monday evening. The restaurant, located at 564 W. Randolph, with an interior worthy of an old French manor house, will be helmed by former Bohemian House chef Jimmy Papadopoulos, who’ll serve a seasonal menu of contemporary American food. [Eater Chicago]