If you’re one of those people who often says to yourself, “Man, if there’s one thing this town needs, it’s a monthly Grateful Dead night,” then do I have news for you. Since August, the Burlington has been hosting one on the second Sunday of each month. Coordinated by the Nearly Dead DJs (that would be Reader Best of Chicago booking honoree Matt Kimmel and Brain Idea guitarist Joe Wetteroth), it’s called Taste Eternity, and even to someone like me—who’s only heard three Dead songs in his entire life—it sounds pretty fun.

The October edition of Taste Eternity, which happens this Sunday night, focuses on the hundreds of live Grateful Dead bootlegs Kimmel and Wetteroth have amassed. On top of hours of live Dead music, they’ll be showing live video all night—and to up the ridiculousness factor, they’re hosting a BYO shirt tie-dye station at the bar. The Facebook event also encourages people to bring brownies, cupcakes, and cookies so everybody can truly Taste Eternity. Just don’t eat the brown acid.

Taste Eternal takes place in the front room of the Burlington at 9 PM on Sun 10/14. Its next installment is Sun 11/11.