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  • We are taking some personal time

We were in a semicoma and missed the tenth annual National Punctuation Day yesterday To atone we are giving punctuation marks a holiday in this post which we hope will also underscore their importance

For the punctuation lovers on your gift list you may want to take a look at Shady Characters a 352 page tell all published yesterday on the quote Secret Life of Punctuation unquote According to the New Yorker blog the book will fill you in on the sensuous ampersand and the quote irrepressible unquote hash mark aka the octothorpe

You also should check out this hilarious array of photographic evidence that Tea Party protesters are punctuation challenged although to be fair they cant spell either

We will put National Punctuation Day on our 2014 calendar as soon as we get a 2014 calendar so as not to miss it again next year But we probably were celebrating in spirit yesterday because as Richard J Daley would have put it Everyones a punctuation mark on National Punctuation Day