Local live sound engineer and Anatomy of Habit bassist Kenny Rasmussen feels that people whose ages and schedules prohibit them from going to bars to see late-night shows should be able to enjoy live punk rock just like the rest of us. He took matters into his own hands: at the end of the month, on Sat 1/31, he kicks off his new live-music series, which welcomes three-band punk bills to Bridgeport’s Richard J. Daley Branch Chicago Public Library for free, all-ages, afternoon shows. This month’s show will be headlined by new-wavey garage rockers Radar Eyes with opening sets from noise-punks Den and the bizarre and arty Toupee.

“A number of shows happen at bars, which, by design, excludes people not of legal age to drink alcohol, and happen at a time of day that is too late for people that work day jobs,” Rasmussen explains via e-mail. “I think kids and working people deserve a place like that.”

The shows take place in the library’s auditorium and start at 2 PM, so things can be wrapped up by the time the library closes at 5 PM and the geriatric punk rockers can be in bed by sundown. In lieu of beer, free coffee and doughnuts will be provided by Jackalope Coffee and Tea House. Noise-rock fun for the whole family.

Rasmussen already has the February edition of his program in the works too, which is slated to be headlined by Ono on the last Saturday of the month.