Squid ink pasta
  • Kinmont Restaurant
  • Squid ink pasta at Kinmont

Element Collective has been promising us chicken forever, but it looks like we’re getting fish first. The restaurant group behind Nellcote and Old Town Social keeps teasing us with Facebook pictures of the gay-friendly chicken sandwiches it’s been promising since Leghorn was first announced and I talked to them about it here, more than a year and a half ago. But it seems like it was easier to open a fancy fish restaurant than a little chicken stand, as Kinmont will beat it to opening on Saturday at 419 W. Superior, the longtime Zealous space. The restaurant—focused on sustainable fish, and with a retro fly-fishing theme—will be helmed by Duncan Biddulph, who was a Key Ingredient cheftestant at Rootstock way back when, showing that he knew his way around a fish’s private side even then. Here’s the menu.

Also about to open is Brendan Sodikoff’s barbecue joint (because after the tribulations of deli food, he needed a genre that doesn’t get people all wound up), Green St. Smoked Meats. The Texas-barbecue-themed spot, on the side of the block that includes Nellcote, opens Tuesday; one photo of the interior has been released, and you’ll be shocked to learn that a Sodikoff joint has a dark and moodily romantic look inside, albeit one with wooden benches and a sort of honky-tonk look. See it here at 312 Dining Diva; ramen is due next door later in the year.

But of course Sunday is the Super Bowl, so here’s more stuff to do then if you don’t already have your plans for either watching or avoiding the game.

• Speaking of barbecue, County Barbeque and its sibling DMK Burger Bar will have complimentary cold beer during the game. The latter will also wheel out its late-night menu for the whole day.

• Chicago sports-talk figure Chet Coppock will be hanging out in the bar at Benny’s Chop House, hosting its Super Bowl 48 party with wingman Del Yates Jr., which let’s face it, is the perfect name for a wingman. Benny’s USDA prime burger will be $4.80 during the game.

Howells & Hood will have its first annual chili cook-off, featuring competing chefs including Matt Troost (Three Aces), John Manion (La Sirena Clandestina), and Lee Ann Whippen (Chicago Q). $15 gets you a seven-chili flight.

Publican Quality Meats has a host of specials for dine-in and Super Bowl party carryout, including Pimento Cheese Royale, pulled pork sandwiches, wings, cheddar brats and house-made soft pretzels. Full game-day catering is available from both Big Star and PQM.

• And hey, speaking of pretzels, the new menu at West Town Bakery & Diner on Super Bowl Sunday will include the Donut Fest prize-winning beer-and-pretzel doughnut from chef Chris Teixeira (seen here in Key Ingredient). Other specials include Broncos- and Seahawks-colored cake balls by the dozen, half-price drink specials, and more.

• The new sausage-focused Links Taproom kicks off brunch this Super Bowl Sunday with offerings like biscuits and gravy and Taproom Pop-Tarts (pastry shell filled with bacon apple butter and topped with candied bacon and meringue).

• Frontier has smoked game meats (get it?) for pickup—but you have to order by today. Meats include turkey, duck, porchetta and more. Go here and look for the Super Bowl image to click on.

• And finally, did you know Potbelly has a secret menu like In N Out? It’s basically all existing sandwiches, mashed together. 312 Dining Diva made it a thing on Twitter yesterday but the full info comes from this blogger.