• Julia Stiles as mother, prostitute Blue

There’s a Lifetime movie called Deadly Encounter about a young mother and restaurant hostess who is stalked, harassed, and nearly killed (repeatedly) by a shadowy man who has the uncanny ability to be wherever she is at any time. There’s a dramatic final showdown where her tormentor finally reveals his motives: she cut him off in traffic. She shoots him. The end.

It’s an example of television for women at its trashy zenith: it preys upon an irrational fear, stretches a scenario and its consequences far beyond their logical limits, and ends with a victory for our side. In short, it’s great. Speaking of things that are “in short,” I was excited about WIGS, the year-old, Fox-owned YouTube channel for and about women that presents its original series in digestible seven-to-ten-minute-long episodes at watchwigs.com.