Great article by a male fashion editor offering guys some perspective on women’s fashion:

At this point, perhaps a little miffed by the women-only exclusivity of it all, a man could try to torpedo the whole notion of fashion as a vibrant female dialect by making this brutal observation: Fashion (with that capital F) is just a mechanism for the manufacture of novelty to fuel consumer desire. The reason that wide trousers are suddenly “in” where skinny trousers are “out” is to encourage lots of suggestible women to buy new pairs of trousers they don’t really need. Sticking to this line is fair enough. But it won’t help understand why women wear what they wear. And they in turn might be entitled to ask this hypothetical man why he craves that new car, phone or watch that he doesn’t really need.

Yep. The belittling of fashion as a frivolous interest is something I will never understand. I’m not into sports and think it’s ridiculous to pay athletes millions of dollars a year to play them, but I respect that a whole lot of people feel differently.