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Too petty to mention but too annoying to ignore . . .

And old-fashioned copy editors would have kept both out of the paper . . .

Sports columnist David Haugh’s interview with schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett properly made the front page of Thursday’s Tribune. Byrd-Bennett had suspended the varsity basketball coaches at Simeon and Morgan Park high schools for what Haugh called a “profane altercation in front of players” when the schools met January 16 at Chicago State University. Coaches are expected to lead by example. Some example. I can’t think of another schools chief in memory who I can be confident would have acted with the toughness of Byrd-Bennett. So good for her. And good for Haugh for doing the interview.

But it ended with this little flourish:

[Byrd-Bennett’s] a woman who once changed rules to require student-athletes in Cleveland public schools maintain a 2.5 GPA for eligibility.

“They went ballistic,” Byrd-Bennett said, smiling.

As Byrd-Bennett was reminded Wednesday, sometimes raising the bar makes people angry. Welcome to Chicago, chief.