The Poetry Center of Chicago ran a Hands on Stanzas Inauguration Poem contest for kids in Chicago schools.  Here’s the first place winner.   

we the people
Hannah Kucharak, Walter Payton College Prep High School

we the people?
we the economy
we the gas prices, the credit cards
we the designer labels
we the diamonds, the lipstick, the SUV
we the fast food drive-thru’s, the spray-on tan
we the felony
we the gentrification, the assimilation
we the impersonal, the enclosed, the exclusive
we the reckless, the selfish, the greedy
we the powerful, the relentless
we the people
we the apple pie
we the buy-one-get-one-free
we the camping trip, the duck-feeders at the park, the bike-ride
we the fireworks, the picnics, the birthday party
we the celebratory, the snapshot
We the skyscrapers, the public transportation
we the experience
we the double-shift, the supporters, the whole-hearted
we the leaders, the givers, the inspiration
we the tradition, the laughter, the sweet, sweet music
we the opportunity, the spontaneous, the fearless, the audacious
the get-things-done,
we the never-look-back.
We the hope.
we the change.
we the future.