HELLO is an awkward acronym constructed on behalf of a simple idea—giving kids on the streets positive things to do. Homeless Experts Living Life’s Obstacles brings kids together every Tuesday at the Broadway Youth Center, 3179 N. Broadway. They contact legislators, asking them to support programs that help people such as themselves; they make art. They spend weeks planning the annual fall art show.

HELLO is sponsored by the Night Ministry, the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, and the Lakeview Action Coalition. The Broadway Youth Center, operated by the Howard Brown Health Center and various partners, houses a variety of medical and social services and support groups.

Three years ago Mayor Daley dropped by the HELLO art show and spent a lot more time there than anyone expected him to. As a result, some city money was freed up from the $1.1 billion raised by the new parking meter contract to help pay for a pilot project, the Crib—it’s an overnight shelter in the basement of the Lakeview Lutheran Church on Addison just east of Wrigley Field. The Crib is still open, October through April—there’s never been enough money to keep it going year-round.