Instead of abolishing the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (of Waco infamy), Republicans have built it a fancy new HQ, report the disgruntled libertarians at the Cato Institute

Rich Miller of the indispensable Capitol Fax Blog on Governor Blagojevich: “He can list all of John Wayne’s B movies, but he can’t remember if his kid ever got another $1,500 check.”

Chicago real-estate blogger Eric Rojas on the Pleasure Chest controversy in Lake View: “Which do you think creates more problems for the ‘neighborhood’? High end adult toys or low-end malt liquor?”

Worst Congresscritter in the worst Congress? Our own suburban pork-bringer Dennis Hastert, says Rolling Stone.

Stirling Newberry tells hard truths about the real Ronald Reagan and the lacking liberalism of those times.

Betting on the Senate races? Here’s an automatically updated map of the latest money-where-the-mouth-is.  Percentages are probability of that side winning, not votes!  (Hat tip to