• Mariana Juliano
  • Midnight Magic

Last weekend I half accidentally ended up at a record-release party for Brooklyn-based neo-disco act Midnight Magic, which features three former members of Hercules and Love Affair. Between the deep, house-inflected grooves and the divalike vocals of front woman Tiffany Roth, their self-released Walking the Midnight Streets sounds like something that could have fit comfortably in a proto-house set by a pioneering old-school DJ like Larry Levan or Ron Hardy.

I caught the group in their full, stage-filling nine-member lineup, and by the time they got warmed up the only part of the crowd (an interesting combination of hipsters and middle-aged gay men dressed leather-daddy-casual) that wasn’t dancing was the line for drinks. Tomorrow night the their slightly leaner away team opens for Blood Diamonds at Schubas, and I highly recommend you pull yourself out of the post-Thanksgiving laziness hole and check it out. (And then hit up Frankie Knuckles’s set at Smart Bar for a full night of classic house.) Before they hit the road I talked to core members Morgan Wiley and W. Andrew Raposo about Chicago house, the new wave of big disco bands, and writing with a nine-piece band.