I’m not sure how Shecky’s Girls Night Out got its name, but the unfortunate associations with borscht belt comedy haven’t seemed to have hurt business: the company puts on sample sales in 14 cities across the country, where vendors offer clothes, accessories, and even beauty products and cosmetics for up to 75 percent off. It’s as much a social event as a sale, with cocktails and “games” on offer, giving the whole thing the air of a giggly wedding shower. Chicago’s got one Thursday and Friday Wednesday through Friday and local names taking part include fashion designers Coco Irene, jewelry line Haji Couture, and Bucktown boutique Ms. Catwalk.

Hard on its heels, Gen Art sets up in the same spot–Union Station’s Great Hall–for its semiannual Shop Chicago event on Saturday and Sunday. Shop Chicago tends to draw a greater proportion of local businesses (including Loop shop Florodora, eco-conscious line Organik Revolution, and Juliet Jewelry) and has better name recognition here. I wonder if the timing of both sales so close together will cut down on attendance or put people in the mood for both.