Theater Oobleck member Dave Buchen has moved to Puerto Rico–his wife’s home territory–but still keeps an eye on Illinois’s political scandals. Here are his suggestions for giving Blagojevich the boot:
As a former Chicagoan, I have watched the Blagojevich scandal with the
frustration of someone watching the train wreck and feeling powerless
to do anything about it. The disgraced governor clearly will not
resign. The Supreme Court won’t do anything, and the impeachment
process will be a circus that lasts months.

But there is a way to drive him out of office. The governor claims
that he won’t step down because the people of Illinois elected him to
do a job. It is therefore the job of the people of Illinois to show
him that they don’t want him to do that job.

May I humbly suggest two possibilites. First, pick a date, let’s say
Saturday January 17th, and go to his house in Ravenswood manor and
leave a shoe on his front lawn. Will it take 100,000 shoes? 200,000?
Half a million? How many people want him to go?

My second suggestion is for the adoption of a simple sign that
everyone who feels the rascal must go to wear. A green piece of
clothing, perhaps? Green means go, and the addition of a green scarf
or hat or ribbon during these cold months would be an easy and
effective way to show that he is no longer welcome to serve.

Thank you, and good luck,

Dave Buchen