Maht Wells at his DJ booth in Star Lounge
  • Asher Klein
  • Maht Wells at his “DJ booth” in Star Lounge

Sitting next to the ATM in the corner of Star Lounge, Maht Wells runs his fingers through his five o’clock shadow (it’s a few hours early) and scans through iTunes on the mixing board-sized computer in front of him. Wells has been DJing the coffee shop since 4:48 PM yesterday, and he’s got four-and-a-half hours to go until he’ll stop, at 7 PM. For the third year, he’s raising money for charity with a 26.2 hour live set called Mahrathon 2011 (it’s a play on Wells’s first name). I sat down with him as he played Tom Waits, the New York Dolls, Girls, and some other stuff over the speakers here (and online, right here) to hear what DJing all night is like.