• Diane Ravitch has gone to Ben Joravsky’s head.

You may not know this, but I’m a big-time fan of Diane Ravitch.

She’s the supersmart historian and former White House policy maker who’s been blowing the bugle for years about the bullshit coming out of the so-called school-reform movement.

You know the refrain—charter schools are great, unionized teachers are awful, what we need to do is put everything in the charge of gazillionaires who never spent a day teaching in their lives so they can figure out how to make more, more, more money by privatizing our public school system.

All in the name of helping poor kids learn. Because, of course, helping poor kids learn is what gazillionaires truly care about. As opposed to making gazillions of dollars.

But enough about today’s Tribune editorial.

Back to Diane Ravitch . . .