You may remember that back in December, when Barack Obama’s rapidly engorging Presidential ambitions were nothing but a very badly kept secret, I sent out a call for suggestions for possibly the single most important asset a campaign can have (at least as far as music geeks are concerned): a proper campaign song.

A few of you rallied, and there were suggestions, from the ridiculous to the sublime (plus “I Whipped Batman’s Ass” by Wesley Willis, which is both). But the improbably named Nedra Pickler reported for the AP on candidates’ song choices for the DNC meeting this past weekend, and among the less surprising surprises (really–Hillary’s a Jesus Jones fan? And John Edwards picks a song already indelibly associated with Chevy?) was one stark omission: “Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois decided against using any music in keeping with the somber tone he sought to convey.” Yikes. Clearly the need is even more urgent than I thought.

So, round two. Keep in mind: “somber tone.”